Arrive early, stay late, sip some refreshing spa water, and let us take you from simply skin to simply beautiful!



Susan Bell — Owner/Esthetician

Sue Bell, licensed esthetician and cosmetologist, opened Simply Skin Esthetics in Santa Cruz in 2007. With over 36 years of experience in the industry, Sue brings knowledge, attention to detail, and a true passion for helping her clients feel better about their skin. Her specialty as a skincare mentor is creating treatment plans for clients involving lifestyle, skin care, and the right products. Sue's journey of continued education in the latest treatments and skincare ingredients led her to develop Susan Bell Skincare. Her complete skincare line addresses a variety of skin types—from oily, dry, and combination to acne, problem, and aging. Sue is proud to share her results-oriented, nontoxic, sulfate/paraben-free skincare products with her clients and is especially satisfied to see the successful results. As a fifth generation Santa Cruz native, Sue loves working in this beautiful place she calls home.

"Sue is one of the most talented and knowledgeable Estheticians I've ever worked with. My skin never looked better!"
- Lisa Johnston, San Jose

Jennifer Heath — Esthetician

Jennifer has lived in Santa-Cruz her entire life and now enjoys raising her two young sons in this beautiful area. She has been in the beauty industry for the past 28 years, specializing in dermal rejuvenation for over 14 years. Jennifer has been in skin care in many different venues, including owning her own spa for 9 years, and working as a licensed paramedical esthetician alongside a physician. Jennifer enjoys being able to use her extensive knowledge to help her clients achieve amazing results. From anti-aging facials to treating acne and minimizing scarring, Jennifer is equally impressive.

"Jennifer is a wonderful Esthetician. I trust her completely with my skin care and have for over 10 years. Deep cleansing, microdermabrasion, a vitamin c peel - absolutely the best. I consider Jennifer my personal skin care professional."
-Laudia Weeks, Santa Cruz

Mara Charron — Esthetician

My main goals are to really listen to and educate my clients about their skincare needs and help address any issues or changes they would like to make. But most of all, I hope that they leave after a facial feeling beautiful, relaxed and having the tools to achieve and maintain healthy skin. I also have a big love of lashes...who doesn't? Lash extensions are such an amazing way to transform someone's eyes and make them stand out. I love the precise work and creating either a really dramatic look or a subtle enhancement depending on the client's goal and personal style. Come on in, you will be hooked!


Olivia Barney — Esthetician

I love the variety my job gives me everyday, and each client I see is a new opportunity to perfect my skills. I also LOVE performing eyelash extensions. I love the fine precision and attention to detail it takes to make a beautiful set of eyes. Everybody is different, with different wants and needs, and I like to work with them to fit the right length and style for the client. Having someone see the end result of my hard work is one of my favorite things of all time. I would love to meet you!